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"Amanda has made me addicted to yoga! Her style is very relaxing - but challenging. Her whole vibe I find very healing; her voice, presence and adjustments. I feel very lucky that she is my teacher :) -Michelle-Rockville Centre, New York

"I play volleyball collegiately and experience excessive tightness in my hamstrings, shoulders, and back. Amanda's teachings make me "loose as a goose" and are vital as a cross-training tool to help me avoid injury and be a better player." -Melinda- New Paltz State University, Outside hitter

"I am very happy with your class and teaching style. You are very inspirational. I always look forward to your class and wish I had more time to do Yoga!" Maryanne-Rockville Centre "Whenever I have taken a class with Amanda, she does a wonderful job, I leave class feeling relaxed and calm. I enjoy that every class is different, and sometimes there are fun new challenges and poses. I really enjoy the combination of the aroma therapy lotion at the end of the class!" -Jen Schroeckenthaler- Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Garden City, New York

I enjoy your classes, particularly the soothing tone that you use, you walk around checking on clients, and I look forward to the end when adjustments are done. It's definitely an hour to ourselves that is very deserving. I go more for the stretching and long lines we try to achieve. -Geri-Garden City, New York

"Before taking your class it had been almost 20 years since I practiced yoga. Over the years it had crossed my mind to give it another go, but a hectic schedule, personal prejudice, and lethargy kept me from committing. Since working with you my body and mind have both opened up, and I have found myself to be more flexible both physically and mentally. I am always surprised how during a class with you, all earthly troubles fade and I am able to be in one place at one time in the moment and liberated from mental stress I unwillingly bring upon myself. Your own love of Yoga pours out of you and helps me stay positive during some harder poses and trying mental times. Also, your soothing, yet knowing voice helps guide us through a physical and spiritual practice, while avoiding too much distracting speculative discourse. You have provide a joyful new outlook for an accidental yoga fanatic!! Thank you, Really,Thank you!" -Philip Antonio Jimenez- Music Producer, Owner-Gordo Studios, Huntington, New York

"I think Amanda is a great teacher with wonderful commuication skills. I have been doing yoga for a very long time... and I can see that you have a passion for what you do to experience the spiritual side of your practice. Thanks for the classes. Keep up the good work." -Dianne Robinson-Rockville Centre, New York

"Amanda was great, really made me feel comfortable. I would highly recommend taking one of her classes. ”-Andrea, Franklin Square, New York Amanda is very talented and has many wonderful ideas for sharing yoga in a wide variety of settings. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next! ” -Ruth Krueger, NYC

"After taking my first beginners class I actually had more energy today!" -Elena, Malverne, New York

"I truly enjoy Amanda's classes. She radiates a warmth and acceptance that creates a calm, meditative space for her students. Her love of yoga and dedication to her own practice is inspiring. Thank you so much Amanda for all that you have done for me and the rest of your students. You help make the world a more beautiful place, one person at a time." -Tara Pillich , Northport, New York

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